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Thread: 1976 Series 3 Safari Wagon gear selection problems!

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    1976 Series 3 Safari Wagon gear selection problems!

    Hi everyone,
    I have a 1976 Series 3 Safari wagon. I've only had it for a couple of weeks, so am in the process of assessing its condition.
    One major issue is that I can't select 1st or 2nd gear at all, either with the engine running or not. I can select and drive in reverse, 3rd and 4th. The clutch seems to have good travel. Any ideas please?

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    Ps there is a Landrover gearbox repairer in Ballarat area
    try DW Automotive 0431 300 629

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    As you've only just got the vehicle a few questions.....

    Have you been able to select 1st & 2nd since you got it ?
    Has it been standing a long time ?
    Does the reverse gate work (a positive push to the left on the gearstick is required to lift the 'gate' to go into reverse) ?

    There are a number of areas you could check before taking the box apart.

    Firstly take the plate off that the gearsticks come through and look at the top of the gearbox.
    I recently had the reverse gate mechanism break and it stopped me selecting 1st gear.

    Next you will need to have a look under the gearstick to see where it engages with the selector rods. By going through the gears does the selector rod for 1st/2nd move or does it appear to be jammed ?
    You could then remove the cover plate (after you've removed the plates holding the selector springs in place) and the gearstick. Be careful because there are ball bearings that interlock with the 3 selector shafts so that reverse, 1st or 2nd & 3rd or 4th cannot be selected at the same time.
    Check the selector fork is tight on the selector rod.

    DSCN1445 by Colin Radley, on Flickr

    If you've checked the above and the selector rod will not move you may have to delve further into the gearbox.

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