Hello again from Sherwood.

A quick technical question concerning the rigid pipe that connects the front wheel cylinders to the flexible brake hose on a Series 3 Land Rover. My 2.25 litre is being fitted with brakes from a 2.6 litre truck.

For the dual line models there are two different part numbers specified for 4 and 6 cylinder trucks - NRC4257 and NRC4258 for 6 cylinder and NTC4794 and NRC4795 for 4 cylinder. The pairs being LHS/RHS.

The 6 cylinder variants appear to be hard to get cf the 4 cylinder variants. What is the actual difference between the two?

I can’t really see why they would be technically different (eg. between a 4 cylinder 109” and 6 cylinder 109”) in terms of length or diameter because they are routed from the back of the swivel housing to one of the two wheel cylinders and presumably these are the same dimensions regardless of the engine size?

Where is logic failing me here?