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Thread: Easy fix for water leak into Defender cabin

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    Easy fix for water leak into Defender cabin

    Dry as, but we're one day closer to rain, so here's a tip for that day.

    A common entry point for water into a Defender is the big rubber weather seal under the windscreen frame. That seal is extremely poor quality! Especially in the Pumas. It’s a hell of a lot of work to replace the sealing material, so you wouldn’t want to put the same quality back again.

    A very quick, easy way to stop the leak is to apply some Xtroll Rust Conqueror directly on the outwardly facing edge of the seal. Use something like a small cutting-in brush to apply it. It can be done in as little as 5 minutes. (Start with it clean and dry, of course)

    Xtroll does a particularly good job, because it penetrates right into the weathered pores of the rubber, and then dries TACK FREE. Apply a couple of coats wet on wet to allow the rubber to absorb more Xtroll, as that tends to bind the deteriorating rubber together.

    It only takes a couple of hours to dry, and then it will be impervious to water, and no more leak. It does provide some UV protection and stability, but you may need to re-apply it every year or two.

    Oh! We've also successfully fixed leaks in fuel tanks with Xtroll, as once dried it is impervious to most solvents. Of course, it's very popular for its rust protection...often ends up being an addiction with some people.

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