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    Quote Originally Posted by POD View Post
    Bigger is better, also the cheap ones have a habit of breaking in half and this will of course happen in the middle of a job that you absolutely need the vice for. I kept an eye out on ebay until a top brand 6" vice came up at a good price, got a 6" Record for $100. I was considering one of the irwins but I saw some bad reviews of where several had broken in half with moderate use. You should be able to hold a workpiece in your vice and flog it with a big hammer without worrying that the vice will bust. One of the older Dawn or Record vices will last generations.
    The old Dawn's are a solid bit of kit.
    I picked up my 5" Dawn for $50 at a garage sale recently. Also have the 4" version (also bought used) that I've had for 20+ years that think also cost $50. Both mine are mounted near the corner of benches so have easy access from 2 sides. Access isn't as good as Stealth's post mount, but still pretty good.
    I've never felt lacking for not having a swivel base. Sometimes an offset would have been useful, but have always found a workaround for not having one.
    Like that mine are both bolted to heavy benches and I can swing or bash on them with confidence.

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    I have a 3" and 5" Dawn, as broke the previous cheapie. Both great vices.
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    Broke a cheapie swivel vise. Its in the bin.
    Have this old Blacksmith vice that I should sell as I bought this offset from Bunnings.
    Its fabricated not cast. Its taken everything I have thrown at it so far.
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    I've got a small Irwin here at work, and some numpty mounted it so the fixed jaw is actually over the bench.

    My German colleagues use some pretty serious looking German Made bench vices, with all curvy surfaces and jaws that protrude out one side more than the other.
    It's very similar to the Leinen, and I really want one!

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