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Thread: portable cylinder borers

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    portable cylinder borers

    There was discussion on this some time back - cant remember where - i was slightly taken aback by the thought of it , but heres the proof.
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    I initially thought of the bottle brush type.
    That's something else though! By the time the sump and head is off, the crank and pistons are out of the way, you're 90% there to doing it properly.
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    i remember seeing one used on an old crane engine many many years ago up at Paddington / Ithaca up the road from land park.

    worked pretty well, but was slow and messy from what i recall.

    be bloody hard to setup if you had a warped block

    he had a hone that i have never seen since. it had 8 or 10 legs about 6 inches long and bright red stones / shoes ...

    bloody long time ago...
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    Here you go I have one here ,used it on tractors 4 -6-- 8 cyl car engines .It also has alarge bore plate so you can bore single barrels .Very easy to set up .You just wind out the self centering in a good part of the bore clamp and you are good to go .Speed is no different to any other boring rig and if you have your cutting tip ground right just small shavings and a little dust if cast iron. I originaly bought mine for resizing final drive housings on dozers .Can't imagine why I would want to rebore a warped block tho may be just me

    There is one the same listed on ebay now at $5490
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    There was a discussion a while back relating to the angle block that has to be bolted to a F-head motor to get the portable boring machine mounted.

    I'm told by the father-in-law that it used to be quite common to bore in situ but you have to wonder why. Maybe the fact that you don't need a crane to lift the motor out ? Remove head, pistons & rods and someone could pop round and do a rebore on your driveway. Crank is left in position with some rag over the journals.

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    These borers were once quite common, many mechanics had and used them, along with valve/seat cutting gear when mechanics did most of this work themselves.

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