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Thread: The Ultimate FC

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    I'm sure you don't need another one with all the fantastic work you've put into this one, but this popped up today. I thought you might find it interesting.

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    Dated 2013.........the main one shown is a early MK2.....bolt in windows with all its water gear removed.
    Because I know where to look......all of them had cancer in them.(notice in the Third photo the cancer under the main windscreen in side the cabin)

    All of them must have had some sort removal of the swim gear during the last years in service.
    I noticed the other day on mine, a close inspection of the drive shafts for the water jet drives showed they are not original, but appear to be cut down Landrover tailshafts, but the rest of the swim the steering gear for the water jets appears original.

    One pommie pain in the bum is enough......let alone the import of a machine and the asbestos hassles ect.

    I am trying paint stripper on this other door.

    Slow job with 10 coats of paint on the door as the stripper only wants to take off 2 coats of paint at a time.
    It is leaving a super smooth finish on the alloy which I don't really want as the new paint will need to bite into the alloy.
    I was thinking of using a small water sand blaster just to finish off the bits I miss with the paint stripper and roughen the surface for primer.

    DSCN1254 by john smith, on Flickr

    PS .....Don.....I think you must see yourself driving/swimming a Stalwart some day as I noticed you follow this thread......and now checking out old Stalwart adds............the Stalwart disease could be spreading.

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