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    Hey Legends,

    looking at getting a VNT turbo for my 300TDI Defender, and want to get a new intercooler at the same time.
    Car has AC but worked once after paying for it to work, only blows air nothing cool.

    Question is, should I ditch the AC condensator so I can put full width intercooler or should I go the double depth one
    that fits in the standard location.

    Has anyone done an intercooler upgrade and recommend a product, same with a turbo?


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    I put an Allisport double core in even thought I have aircon. (300TDI), I've tweaked the pump, but not replaced it. The Rover goes well, but struggles as load/gradient/ ambient heat increases. I'd like to put a bigger engine in it one day.

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    I'm with Don. My 300Tdi is ok now that it is tweaked, but I'm always dreaming of 8 cylinders in the form of LS power.

    I have the Ally Sport double core intercooler, 2 & 3/4 inch exhaust (straight through with no mufflers) pump tune and on the dyno, I get 105hp at the wheels in my 130 that is close to 3 tonnes in normal driving mode, standard turbo and on 285/75R16 mud tyres. I even replaced the kinked steel pipe between the intercooler and the turbo with a straight piece (the kink in the pipe is so it can go around the LH front strut plastic cover plate).

    My air con still works ok so am trying to hang on to that.
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    I wouldn't ditch the AC, if you did, you'll regret it the next week. If its not a gas leak, you'll probably find the A/C control module under the passenger seat is cactus.
    Have a look at the module output wire (black I think) that feeds the pressure switch and then onto the compressor clutch. Make sure you have 12v coming out and the terminal on the plug isn't cooked.

    If it is cooked or you dont have a 12v feed, disconnect it from the female plug and put a 12v feed to it and see if the compressor clutch comes in.
    If it doesnt pull in, it is probably a gas leak and pressure switch is holding it out.

    If it does pull in the module is smoked. To use the air until you get another module, fuse that feed and run it through a toggle switch and leave it next to your seat. You can just turn the compressor on and off as you need it. It shouldn't ice up if you keep an eye on it.

    I did it for a mate during summer, fixed a gas leak, recharged the system and it worked a treat as a temporary measure.
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    Def go front mount. You could always buy chineese as i did from ebay to keep cost down. Buy xl radiator from allisport. Consider removing oil cooler and installing oil cooler sep from radiator. I have a 200tdi with front mount. I adjusted pump to suit intercooler. I have a vnt aswell. Combination enable you to pullway when labouring ingine where as before you had to downshift. This inproves driveability. Another option would be to install 115mm chineese intercooler in standard position and run a w2a intercooler barrel inplace of the straight pipe between intercooler and intake manifold. Install the radiator upfront. Anyways running front mount and vnt should of been standard from factory. Atleast replace turbo with a hybrid cartridge. As you can see there is the cheaper way and expensive way to go

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    I am also looking at a VNT and double core intercooler from alisport - I have read people are getting pretty good results - like not needing to change down on the highway up a hill, lower EGT etc.

    For me the idea of an LS motor just takes away too much of the charm and simplicity of a 300Tdi. We all probably want a bit more power, in my mind a 2.8 stroker kit, with decent intercooler and VNT would give plenty of grunt for what the Defender was intended for.

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