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Thread: Is it comfortable sitting in the rear of a camper defender?

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    Is it comfortable sitting in the rear of a camper defender?

    I am going to undertake more long journeys in my defender soon, and wanted more of an internal setup where I could comfortably sit inside the rear of a defender with a table in a camper style conversion. I already have a roof top tent, so sleeping in the rear is not my main concern.

    My question is, has anyone successfully done this, and Is it comfortable for one and/or two persons to sit and use?

    Failing that, what does everyone else do in adverse weather or insect infestation, while trying to eat dinner or play cards at night?

    Unfortunately I don't have the beans to get a roof pop-top conversion, so head height was one of my main concerns if seated in the back.

    (see pic below for example)


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    I think this guy is about to do that.


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    Well it's called the great outdoors for a reason.

    I think with two people it is always going to feel cramped in the back of a defender, sitting, sleeping, whatever. So as you are probably planning outdoors as often as possible is your best bet.

    If you are beset with bad luck like heaps of rain or mosquitos, usually worth going back to bed (retiring to the rooftop in your case). To my mind if you try and turn a defender into a tiny home you're going to have a very very small space to work with, so just look at ways of surviving outside of it when conditions arent ideal.

    I say this because the thing that makes a space livable compared with just a dry space to weather a storm is if you can actually do stuff inside. So you might be able to fashion a bench seat etc, but you cant really make a cup of tea or dinner inside while you're both in it.

    I think even if you're going for long periods just look to optimise your time outside and less is more for mine. Yeah you might get wet, bitten by mozzies, cold, stinking hot, etc but for me thats still better than sitting at home like I am now. I hate myself.

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    Not much space

    I think much like the above. The space it tight. You could sit in the back just fine, must of us have done it. No doubt the vehicle was empty when we did it. For me that option was gone as soon as I stuck a drawer in the back, great to neatly store stuff away but there goes your leg room.

    I suggest you get an awning. I roll mine out in a couple of minutes and provides shelter from the rain. I can sit under it, move around, cook, eat and wash the dishes. It would take a bit of effort to keep the insects out but mesh sides would be an option. Then all you have to do is deal with the vehicle side, a mesh panel with Velcro closed openings for the doors.

    One of the things that you also need to consider is where are you going to put all the gear you are carrying in the vehicle if you are going to setup in the back. I leave the fridge in the vehicle all the time but what about your other gear? Youmaybe different but the last couple of times out for a couple of days I have to play Tetris to get all our gear in the car.

    If you go down the setting up in the back route good luck. I canít give you any positive encouragement as my setup just rules out sitting in the back unless I am prepared to do a yoga pose.
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    One answer REV IT BABY REV IT!!!

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    We are currently sitting in the back of ours, itís 2 degrees outside and fires not allowed.....although we do have a Mulgo Poptop, oh and we have have a 110HT

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    If you do without the rooftop tent you could always fit a Dormobile roof, plenty of room to stand in the rear, it would be expensive to ship from the UK though.
    There are bunks that fit in the roof section but don't think they are adult size.
    The seats used to fold down to make a double bed but you can't get them nowadays, probably too expensive to get them to meet Design Rules.

    A few internal pictures on TeriAnn Wakeman's site
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