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Yes I have Ozi on my pc but not with the same maps, ....
No worries.
On the tablet, and on the card(maybe, could be on the tablet's internal memory too tho).
Look for the Maps folder.

If you connect the tablet to the PC:
1/. if you have Windows 10, then the tablet should come up as a device once connected via USB
2/. if you don't have W10(ie. any earlier) it may not come up automagically, but you may have Samsung Kies software to help here(not recommended for this type of usage tho). If you don't have any software to help, I highly recommend a program called MyPhoneExplorer.
(MyPE, just helps to connect and organise your tablets stuff easier than any other program via the PC!! .
Google MyPhoneExplorer download it to your PC, install it. Also go to the Google Play app and search for MyPhoneExplorer for the tablet too. (all these MyPhoneExplorer software are free to use .. donationware)
Have MyPE on the tablet running.
Connect the tablet, and make sure you hear the 'badoom' sound that windows makes when a device is connected. If you don't hear the connection sound, it probably hasn't connected.
If not, then connect to the home Wifi with the tablet. MyPE has multiple ways to connect, Wifi is one. Once the tablet is connected to the wifi, in MyPE on the PC go to settings and the first page that opens for settings you see the Wifi\USB\bluetooth\etc connection settings options.
Just make sure that Wifi is selected. If MyPE is running on the tablet, then it will connect in a sec or two.
(NOTE! if you don't use MyPE now, don't do any syncronising in MyPE. It could mess up some of your phones settings).

If that sounds complicated, it's not. Actually it's the easiest way to connect a smartdevice(Android or old Sony only .. not iOS!!) to the pc and transfer stuff AND organise your smartdevice.
if you do get MyPE up and running, you then go on the LHS pane look for the Files area. When you click on that, it then shows you all the devices files/folders and stuff, just like your file explorer does in Windows.
Locate the maps on your tablet in MyPE, then use the blue down arrow to download them from the tablet to the PC .. and it asks you for a location on the PC to download the file too.

Last tip for MyPE, don't use a PIN(for security) on either end(PC or tablet). Not needed, makes connection more complicated with no benefit.

What you then do is to connect the tablet to the PC. Find the tablets maps(in the folder called Maps) and transfer them to the PC into the same folder where OziExplorer on the PC locates them.
eg. if your PC Ozi has all the maps in the C:\Programs Files\Oziexplorer\Maps folder, then what you would do is to make a new folder in there and call it Tablet Maps .. so then the folder will be C:\Program Files\OziExplorer\Maps\Tablet Maps\ and all your tablet maps get stored in there too(ie. backups).

Ozi on the PC then indexes them too, and you have access to the tablet maps on the PC too.

Note that in general settings on Ozi on the PC, you can have up to 4 different folders where you can have all manner of maps. eg. you may have all your maps in the OziExplorer\Maps folder now, but you can also make new folders anywhere you like such as \User\Documents\Maps or where ever else you like .. and then go to Configuration -> Map Images .. and there are 4 separate folder options that you navigate too to tell Ozi where all your maps are.

But 'Ozi maps are Ozi maps' .. doesn't matter where they are, or what device you have them on, they all work across all Ozi systems. So if you have some maps on the PC that you think you may want on the tablet, you just transfer them from PC to tablet too. Same goes the other way around too.