key highlights of the 2019 General Practice: Health of the Nation report reveal that:

  • patients talk to their GP about mental health more than any other issue
  • GPs are avoiding or delaying seeking their own healthcare for a range of issues, in part due to concerns about being reported to regulatory bodies
  • out-of-pocket costs are increasing at double the consumer price index, with the average patient cost now higher than the rebate for a standard GP consultation.
  • 14% of those delaying a GP visit do so because of cost concerns
  • there is a decline in the proportion of services bulk billed outside of major cities
  • more and more medical graduates are choosing other medical specialities over general practice, in part because a large amount of general practice work is unfunded
  • the costs of providing care are increasing year on year and not being matched through appropriate health funding
  • Medicare rebates remain the top health policy issue for GPs.

You can read the reporthere.