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Thread: Another One for the Truckies - Load Choker

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    Another One for the Truckies - Load Choker

    Hello Truck Transport People,

    When I had some steel dropped off today at home the truck driver had a very mixed load of steel tided down using "load chokers". I had not seen these before. Do you use them and are they as good as they looked?

    To untie my bundle of steel from the load the bloke just loosened off enough slack on the ratchet straps to slide one side of the choker off. Then lifted the straps off either side of the bundle. There was easy access to my bundle and was unloaded really quickly. Then they just put the straps to the centre over the load again and slipped the straps through the choker and tightened it up.

    I found some YouTube clips online accessed 10th June 2021 from, The Load Choker *Promotional Video* - YouTube and Load Choker - YouTube

    Kind regards

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    Yes, I do use load chokers. They are far better than you can imagine, especially when you've got bundles that need to be pulled tight and secured down like steel lengths. Buy some, you really wont regret it.

    Actually, the load choker is designed for heavy straps used in trucking, they're too big for the narrower straps used on 4WDs etc. They still do work and I've at least never had one come off even when they twist, but you may find regular D-shackles do a better job for narrow straps and there is no way they can come off.

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    I'd be wary of max loading, following whats in the promo vid about it giving a 2:1 and this tensioning the strap even further during load shift (paraphrased), a 2:1 advantage on a snapped strap is a net sum of 0.

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    I preferred the 2nd video as it has a D2 in the background at 3:30 mins.
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