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Thread: Tuffant Steel 18 lock nuts

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    Tuffant Steel 18 lock nuts

    Hi Guys. Anybody have locknuts on their Tuffant steel wheels?

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    Locknuts are a risk offroad and donít stop anyone wanting wheels - I remove locknuts with a socket and breaker bar in about 60 seconds.

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    I haven't used them for years. One fellow owner I know had a flat in a remote place and found his remover tool had been left at the tyre fitters. He was lucky in that they were able to fix the hole with multiple plugs and he could get to a safe place.
    However, I think it depends a lot of time on where you live whether you use them or not as I also know slightly someone whose vehicle got jacked up and the wheels removed....... he found out that the next morning.
    He lives in a block of flats where car theft, break-ins and malicious damage seem to be par for the course.

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