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Thread: Oil level - forced reading

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    I always forget that I have the bonnet switch bypassed so even with the bonnet open, it's closed... according to the car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoJeffster View Post
    I always fill to the max and a little plus and have never had an issue. Typically massive overfill the issue is because the rods and crank end up trying to run through an oil bath which they were never designed, however thatís multiple litres of overfill. If you look at an engine design, it requires a lot of oil to seriously overfill it. More problems come from increased crankcase pressure blowing seals thanks to cranks and rods/pistons trying to run in a bath of oil
    your right the rods bend when they push the pistons out the side, its a self oil lowering measure built into engines with negative pressure sumps. the problem is after the piston comes out and lowers the oil a little you cant get them back in, there worse then plastic clips
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