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Thread: Towing overheating

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    Towing overheating

    I have had a search and read some posts but just after some suggestions and comments.

    Have had the D4 2015 now for over 12 months and it has been fantastic however this weekend first time up Cunningham's gap almost to the top had the overheating message and warning light.
    Not able to stop with 1klm to go to the top.
    At the top the temp came down almost instantly. The car has been fine after. We stopped and inspect no smell had coolent no visible issues.
    It is towing a 3.2t van and has a lot of times with no problems.

    But this was the 1st time up a hill of this size it was not hot outside around 25d.

    Is it normal to get that hot.
    It has fluids no leaks no smell.
    160k on the clock all belts done last service
    Well maintained

    Thanks I advance

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    What was the message Adam?
    A few Landies - current = 2009 D3 2.7 Auto with some rusty bits hanging off it.

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    Horrible & Hot

    I too tow a 3.2t caravan with my D4 3.0L on some horrible hot days up hill and down dale and and it has never looked like overheating! In my view your experience is not a normal situation. If it was actually overheated you would 'smell' it once you lifted the bonnet.

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    Welcome to the club Adam🙂

    The club of Discovery 3/4 towing 3 tonne vans !


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    It isnít normal behaviour. You must have a leak or an air pocket somewhere in the system. Have you owned it from new?
    2010 TDV6 3.0L Discovery 4 HSE
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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoJeffster View Post
    It isnít normal behaviour. You must have a leak or an air pocket somewhere in the system.
    Or a weak fan clutch, or a plugged radiator, or a failing water pump, or, or, or.... could be any one of a huge list of things.

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    Have you had the trans fluid changed?

    Transmission works hardest of all when towing

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    Steve DSC04 SDV6

    Hi Adam

    We experienced a similar issue in 2019 shortly after buying a 2014 SDV6 HSE. After a full service prior to which I advised the dealer we would be using the truck to tow a 2.65t Off Road Van, we tackled Cunninghams Gap heading for Stanthorpe.

    Just short of the top I too had a warning light come on and the temp gauge climbed but not off the scale. I pulled into the car park on top and let it run for a few minutes before shutting down when I saw little smoke wafting from under the bonnet. When I opened it there was still a fair amount of smoke coming from under the battery box in the top right of the bay.

    I rang the dealer who advised that it was probably a combination of the hot day (around 29c) and long climb together with some oil spillage burning off on the engine. They advised to let it cool, check the oil levels and then monitor it.

    There was no discernible loss of oil and the truck didn't miss a beat for the rest of the trip and has been fine ever since. It has had two full services subsequent and they couldn't identify any issues.

    I have read elsewhere that they are under-cooled for our conditions when pulling a heavy load, although mine is not that heavy, but that climb is certainly a testing one.

    Probably doesn't help you other than to indicate you are probably not alone and the car is probably fine. Either way I would have it looked at when you get the opportunity just to be sure.



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    I have a scan gauge on mine. Do you have something that will tell you the actual temp?

    On recent climb up the Toowoomba Range on a very hot day I saw 116deg at this point the internal vents open the heater core and dumped hot air into the cabin. It is a feature these cars have.
    I do have a trans cooler fitted. My old girl has done 240k and still tows like a boss. Average engine temp under tow is around 100deg

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