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Thread: V8 on LPG - 'popping' on deceleration

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    V8 on LPG - 'popping' on deceleration

    My 3.5 has recently started popping from the exhaust pipe on deceleration, particularly when running downhill on a closed throttle. It has twin SU's.

    Could it be due to the idle mixture (too rich/too lean?)
    or possibly the timing? I'm just guessing at the moment and would be keen to hear some more informed opinion.


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    sounds like the slides arnt likin the air speed goin by em check ya oil level in the dash pots and then check the diaphrams arnt torn as this may be the drama and its usualy only one side

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    Exhaust manifold/pipe leak will cause this.
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    Does it happens on petrol too?

    If lokka nd LandyAndy's suggestions don't work, then perhaps some unburnt fuel is getting into the exhaust system, suggesting a valve problem or extremely worn camshaft (exhaust valve late to close on intake cycle). Another possibility is incomplete combustion in one cylinder.

    I'd check the state of your plugs and do a 2-stage compression test to get and idea on the valve sealing - a first reading on each cylinder and a second reading after a squirt of oil into the cylinder to improve the sealing of the piston rings.

    If your timing is very retarded I suppose it would be possible at low revs (minimum ignition advance) for combustion to be taking place as the exhaust valve is opening, but you would be very down on power and running warm. I'd be surprised if the motor would even start for you.

    LPG can backfire if ignition is sub-optimal but it doesn't sound like this is your problem.



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