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Thread: Securing internal loads without a cargo barrier

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    Securing internal loads without a cargo barrier

    I and a mate recently completed a 3 week trip through Central Australia in my D2 and not surprisingly we carried a fair amount of gear. By my estimate we had approx 340kg inside the car.

    I don't have a cargo barrier fitted and wanted something better than a supercheap net and straps to restrain the load to ensure we didnít wear it in an accident.

    After a bit of research I found a QLD firm SafeGuardNet who market a range of rated nets and straps. Their products are available from a number of suppliers and also on e-bay. In addition to the net I also fitted 3 additional D plates to the front mounting points of the second row seats to give extra tie down points, when the the seats are folded forward.

    Their small 1.4x1.8m Cargo net was a good size to cover the gear I was carrying. It's rated at 1000kg SWL when secured with the 4 included straps and up to 4,000kg if additional securing straps are used.
    Official Safeguard(R) Website | Load Rated Restraint - Cargo Nets & Accessories for Utes, Trucks, Boats & Roof Racks

    The disco 2 comes with 4 D plates in the rear floor. I added an additional 3 D plates on the centre and outside second row seat mounting bolts to secure the front of the net when the seats were folded forward. They're not expensive and any land rover parts supplier will be able to get them. The part no is EOZ1000000. I had to open up the D plate mounting holes slightly as the seat bolts are a larger diameter.
    DSC02785 (Medium).jpgDSC02780 (Medium).jpg

    Secured the front of the net to the 3 front D plates using rated tape loops and snap shackles, pulled the net up and back over all the gear and then secured the sides and rear with the supplied tie down straps. Tightened down, it held everything very firmly and nothing moved or escaped despite the corrugations and a few panic braking episodes during the trip.
    DSC02585 (Medium).jpgIMG_0993 (Medium).jpgDSC02586 (Medium).jpgDSC02587 (Medium).jpg

    Hopefully someone will find this post useful as its scarey seeing what some people carry unsecured in wagons.


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    Great post! Thank you for the info and pictures.

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