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Thread: Isuzu Injector service.

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    Isuzu Injector service.

    I have a 120' with a 4BD1 in it. It has 220 000ks on it now and i was wondering if haveing the injectors out and checked is likely to be worthwhile at this 'young' age? Local diesel guy gave me a price of $50 each is all.

    How does injector cleaner compare to this as far as restoring the spray pattern and atomisation? Does it benifit the rest of the injector pump?

    I did have a search but couldn't find this info.

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    A lot of people swear by Liquimoly Diesel purge, particularly on MB and VAG diesel forums. Its a solution that you run your engine on straight rather than added to the tank. I've ordered a can try out on my 300Tdi [I'm only taking my injectors out if new ones are going in].

    Only issue is, if I run the injector pump inlet and return lines into the purge solution, the lift pump will still run and flood diesel everywhere. As such I'll just fill up a new fuel filter with the purge and screw that on.

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    Hi Dan, Unless the motor is running rough,or low on power I wouldnt even touch them. I did 750K in my old 4BD1 and had the injectors cleaned twice (both times they didnt need it). The main thing is to keep the filters changed regularly....Brian

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    although they do like to have the crack pressure adjusted at about 500,000Km.

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