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Thread: fishing at fraser

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    fishing at fraser

    Gday All,
    Well I will be heading to fraser next week and plan to do some fishing, just wanted to get some pointers on where to fish and what to expect, at this stage it will be all beach fishing, and we will be stoping all around the island - last time i had a good run on tailer and dart on the eastern side of the island mainly fishing around orchid beach, and the fishing at the sandy cape was great i had a fish on every cast pretty much, i also did alot of fishing south of Wuthumba creek using squidies and caught a heap of flat head... i hoping to do much the same again this trip but wanted to get some pointers from the fraser regulars before heading up to make sure i take everything i need.



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    sounds you have it sorted, i was over there two weeks ago

    you cannot get to sandy cape so cross that one off your list
    best fishing is north of indian head
    the gutters at waddy point were good for whiting
    pippies are hard to come by
    plenty of worms along the beach
    caught a couple of nice fish on the western side

    have fun............

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