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Thread: Trigg/Tregg poly block replacement

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    Trigg/Tregg poly block replacement

    Hi all,

    I just picked up a second hand Trigg coupling. This one is in good nick but as you can buy replacement poly blocks for them it got me wondering how in the hell you swap the poly blocks over.

    So how do you get the old block out and the new one in?

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    I don't think it would be an easy job

    You would have to grind out the weld that holds the shaft in place.


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    That was my thought too.
    Not particularly difficult to do but not sure how it can still be ADR approved if you go and buy a block off the shelf and fit it at home if it requires welding.

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    ADR refers to the design, not the actual manufacturing process.

    After the initial ADR testing of a hitch has been met and the Component Registration Number (CRN) been applied by DOTARS, basically anybody can repair the hitch as there are no trade certification's required to produce or repair that hitch as long as it is repaired to the original specifications and according to the requirements of the holder of the CRN.

    If you repair it and change it, it no longer meets ADR spec certification and is illegal in the eyes of the various licensing bodies around Australia.

    If you copy an existing hitch, and build your own backyard version, you are not covered by that hitch's CRN.

    Please note that these are the legal requirements. Always check with your insurance company. They generally take a much harsher stance on any matter of this sort.



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