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Thread: Throttle Position Sensors - ridiculous price!!!!

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    Sorry, both I and the rangie have been working so missed the last week of posts.

    However, as per much earlier in the tread I said the issue was mechanical rather than electrical and identified a few "candidates" Top of the pile being the P&G as it's a non contact pot, followed by the Colvern or Wabash units. All of these are designed as TPS. They have a mechanical range suitable to resolve 0>5V over 90 deg travel.

    For electrical info I relied on the excellent Ginetta site and Mark Adams of Tornado chips Fuel injection

    As noted the latter hotwire 14 CUX is adaptive within the range 0.085V>0.545V for closed throttle and 4.2V>4.9V for WOT.
    It follows therefore that, given the ECU outputs 5V only, the pot has 100 deg of mech travel (as per oem standard) and as long as our idle position records (for arguments sake) 0.2 V the voltage will increase 0.05V per degree and at WOT will be 4.5V - both within range.
    If you do the math on this it becomes clear that an adjustable pot with up to 0>110 deg mechanical range will work even though we're only interested in 90 degrees.

    It follows that, as per the "flapper" type TPS, adjustment slots would be advantageous.

    jimbob - the P&G is available in lots of configurations. As I mentioned earlier Jenvey Dynamics in the UK Fuel Injection Throttle Bodies and Induction Systems from Jenvey Dynamics - Jenvey Dynamics have a version that will satisfy both electrical and mounting hole PCD. There's a cad drawing on their site. A spacer plate carrying a D shaft would be ideal, or for a flapper, slotted shaft.

    Competition Systems Competition Systems - Motorsport Electronics in Melbourne also carry these.

    As you said the P&G is the GTI - never wear out and still cheaper than OE.
    Let us know how you get on with your local guy!

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