Thanks John, I will do that. I had a mate call me the other day about a '62 FFR that his starter just stopped working. He said he jumped the wires on the button and nothing. Battery was good. Told him to put one of his jumper leads from neg to engine block. He said the earth wire is ok. It looks good. It's the woven type wire. Vehicle was converted 30 years ago to neg earth. Long story short, he didn't believe me so when his legacy mate went there first thing he did was run a jumper lead to the earth on the motor. Fired straight up. Earth lead was toasted inside the crimped clamp. He rand and apologized. Cool bloke. His name is Zoom Strange. Hmmm.
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One of your pictures reminded me of a serious issue I had with my 110. You have a heavy earth wire across the LH engine mount. Make sure it is in good condition, and neither loose nor with oil on the contact surfaces. On my 110 this was responsible for endless starter issues until I tracked down the real problem.