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Thread: My propensity for buying faulty goods continues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by p38arover View Post
    The RH rear door lock failed on the L322. A new replacement (genuine - according to the box) arrived yesterday.

    There was a bit of broken plastic in the box but I couldn't see from where it came. So I fitted the lock and it all worked.

    Then I noticed the child safety lock lever was missing. Yep, it was the broken bit of plastic in the box. The box had previously been opened and resealed so maybe it had been broken then.

    I probably won't bother with it but I will let the supplier know.
    Sounds a bit dodgy in that you probably got someone else's broken bit before they returned the good bit part for credit.

    Have often wondered about that & who inspects the carton for parts damage &/or what was originally sent.

    Probably no-one, is the right answer.

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    I keep the kiddy lock on, on the RR door, to prevent dozy passengers from opening it into the path of passing vehicles.
    Cheers, Billy.
    Keeping it simple is complicated.

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